About Alex

Alex (that’s me!) doesn’t do much, and it’s time to change that.

Join me as I write about doing things. Some for the first time, and others because they’re great, and worthy of being done again.

Every week, I will write about something I did. It could be a brand new Thing, or it could be an old Thing that I love, and that I hope you can love, too!

Things that I might do:

  • Watch TV and movies
  • Have opinions on them
  • Not agree with your opinion of them
  • Eating good food
  • Eating not so good food
  • Eating a new food that I can’t decide if good or bad
  • Going to a place I never knew about
  • Going to a place you should know about
  • Playing a new video game
  • Failing a new video game
  • Reading (books, comics, back of shampoo bottles)
  • Not giving you up, letting you down, or ending on a social cliche

If you’re thinking, “hey, I do those things too!” then you are right! My goal is to write about those things in a way that, in case you didn’t do them already, would make you want to! That, my friend, is called writing.

As I do more things, I will naturally update this page. But, for now, if you can think of something to recommend for me to do (preferably one that doesn’t involve $$ or ritual sacrifice), feel free to leave a comment on a post, or shoot me some sort of smoke signal.

Much obliged

– Alex.

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